Alameda County Juvenile Record Remedies

In collaboration with EBCLC’s Clean Slate practice, the Starting Over Strong project assists young people and adults in sealing juvenile records and in other reentry remedies. The project seeks to eliminate the enduring harsh punishment that results from the unnecessary and counterproductive collateral consequences of juvenile adjudication.

You are eligible for juvenile record sealing in Alameda County if:

  • 1. You are 18 years or older OR you are younger than 18 but at least five years have passed since your last arrest or since you were last on probation.
  • 2. No juvenile court found that you committed a felony offense listed in section 707(b) of the Welfare & Institutions Code when you were 14 years old or older. Call EBCLC for a current list of 707(b) offenses. You can also check with an attorney to see if you have a 707 (b) offense on your record. If a court found you committed a 707(b) offense you cannot seal your record, but check with EBCLC for other possible solutions to meet your goals.
  • 3. You have not been convicted as an adult (over age 18) of a felony or of any misdemeanor involving “moral turpitude.” Check with a lawyer if you are not sure whether your adult offenses exclude you from record sealing.
  • 4. You show the court that you’ve been rehabilitated (for example, that you’ve completed school, work, drug treatment, etc.)
  • 5. You are not currently on probation in any case.
  • 6. The case(s) you want sealed began and ended in juvenile court - in other words, the case was never transferred to adult court.
  • 7. There is no current civil lawsuit related to the juvenile case you seek to have sealed.

If you are not sure whether you qualify, contact the youth defender clinic of EBCLC for a confidential, free consultation:
(510) 548-4040 x 396 or e-mail